Choosing The Right Bra For Pregnancy

March 7,2020
Choosing The Right Bra For Pregnancy

Pregnancy is like a roller coaster ride. The excitement of bringing a tiny human being into the world is accompanied by the discomfort of all the changes your body goes through. As your body changes, breast sizes go up mostly by 1-2 sizes and sometimes 3 sizes. Check out these few tips on finding the right bra for support during pregnancy.

Get Your Size Right

The first step is to get the size right. Your breast size will definitely go up, so trying to squeeze in your old bra, will only make you uncomfortable and nauseous. Refer to the size-chart to find the right current size. The new bra should fit on the tightest hook when you first use them, so that you can use the farther hooks as your breast grows.

Choose Comfortable Fabrics

Depending on the current weather and your comfort level, you can choose any fabric. Though for everyday wear, cotton is the best option. Cotton is a skin-friendly and breathable fabric. Front close and seamless bras are a good option. Check out a few comfy styles.

Go for Wide Straps

Wide straps and underbands will give you much needed support without side spillage. Ensure that you are choosing the right size for maximum comfort.

Wired vs Non-wired

Wired bras may make your already heavy and sensitive breasts uncomfortable. Non-wired bras with wide straps give you adequate support without the need for wired ones. If you prefer wearing underwire bras, wear underwire nursing bras that fit comfortably. Wired bras should fit at the underband and not cut at your skin, or slip up as this can cause discomfort and affect milk production.

Go Bra-less at Night

Going to bed without a bra gives you a light-weight and comfortable feel. Good sleep is essential to fight off the fatigue that comes with being pregnant. If you must wear a bra to bed, select a comfortable and light one, preferably cotton.

How About Nursing Bras

You can start wearing nursing bras by your third trimester. They are comfortable and support your growing breasts. So, when your baby arrives, you are already comfortable using nursing bras. Check out some comfortable non-wired nursing bras.

Hope these tips help with choosing the right bra for your pregnancy. Any questions? You can contact us here and, we will be happy to help.

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