Choosing right plus size swimwear in simple steps

October 24,2019
Choosing right plus size swimwear in simple steps

Choosing right plus size swimwear in simple steps

Sunny days are around the corner, and you are waiting to plunge into the water and splash around. Or planning on a peach holiday! Let’s celebrate our beautiful plus size figures with beautiful prints!  Our Plus size swimwear now come in an amazing range of styles and shapes and vibrant colours and prints, black and polka dots

Finding the right style 

One-piece swimsuits and swimdresses are ideal for plus sizes. Swimdress gives you great coverage and style, ideal for fuller hips and thighs. Flowing skirts can take the emphasis off your waistline. A gather or twisted front bust will help to smooth out your bustline. 

Tankinis are a great option if you want to wear two-piece swimsuits. Or if you are significantly different in torso size and hip size. You can easily choose a separated sizing for your top and bottoms and still looks and feel amazing!  Rather than wearing some coverups, try a swim skirt on top of your swimsuit to create that cute and vibrant look! For classic lovers, black and polka dots are greate choices! For our fuller figures consider your traditional top to pair with a high waisted bottom for a flattering silhouette. Find out an amazing range of swimwear styles on Plussize

Play with colours and patterns 

Plussize swimwear is no longer plain and boring, they come in a wide range of colours and prints and patterns. All plussize women have different body shapes. Decide which part of the body you want to emphasize on. Go for larger prints in areas that you want to highlight like bust or hips, and go for smaller prints for areas that you don’t want to draw attention to.

Fabric comfort 

Along with looking good, swimwear should have enough stretch to make you feel comfortable. Go for comfortable, durable, and stretchable fabrics like elastane and polyester. You should not be adjusting your swimsuit every few minutes. 

Shape Control plus size swimwear 

Shape control swimwear are great way if you want to define your body shape. Tummy control swimwear help support and shape up your abdomen. Padded bras and underwire bras give a nice contour and support to your bust without making them look oversized. Broader straps give you the maximum support.

Go for your favourite 

You know your body and needs best, so it’s important to figure what type of swimwear you want to buy. High waisted bottomstwisted or ruching detail necklines, one-piece swimsuit and swimdresses are the best suited for plus size bodies. However, if you feel comfortable in a bikini, go ahead by all means. Choose two or three favourite styles and alternate them, so they last longer, and you have a variety of styles to flaunt. 

Always remind yourself that style with comfort and quality is what you are looking for while shopping online for swimwear. You deserve it, don’t settle for anything less. 

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