Choosing Bras for Uneven Breast Shapes

November 27,2019
Choosing Bras for Uneven Breast Shapes

Every woman is unique, and so is her body. Your breast shape may differ from your mother’s or sister’s. Women can also have breasts that are not of the same size. Majority of women have asymmetrical breasts, with some women having up to one size different. Unless it’s a sudden change, or you have pain or notice a lump, or the unevenness is considerable and affecting your quality of life; it is perfectly normal to have asymmetrical breasts. That said, it can be quite frustrating to get a bra that fits and resolves your asymmetry just right. Don’t worry, we got you covered!

Get your fit right

The first step is to find the right size. Women with asymmetrical breasts should fit the larger breast first. This helps to solve issues like cup overflow and too tight bras cutting into your skin. And then you can just use bra pads or inserts to even out the smaller cup.

Go for removable bra pads

This is the best solution for uneven breasts. Find a bra style with removable bra inserts, or a bra that you can wear everyday and fill in with bra pads. Check out our seamless and super soft bra pads to give shape or a little padding to your bra or swimsuit alike.

The material

Its always best to go for comfortable material like cotton that gives support in addition to comfort, and also work best for bra pads. If the unevenness of shape or size of your breasts cause your straps to slip, you can use bra strap pads to keep them in place.

The style

Invest in a bra that has options for removable inserts, and include removable padding. You can remove the padding from the larger breast cup, to even out the asymmetry. Seamless bras are a sure bet for uneven breasts. The seamless bras from Plussizebras give you support and look smooth under your clothes and come with insertion pockets and removable padding.

Wirefree bras are another comfortable option for breasts that are slightly asymmetrical and don’t need bra inserts. The cotton-rich wirefree bras from Plussizebras have camisole straps and are reinforced with strong elastic fabric cups sewn in.

Ultimately, it’s all about comfort and accepting your body as it is. Remember that breast asymmetry is very common. Get your regular health check-up done, invest in a good bra that fits your needs, and go conquer the world!

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