Anti-chafing Tips for A Chafe-free Summer

February 6,2021
Anti-chafing Tips for A Chafe-free Summer

Summer… It’s the most wonderful time of the year filled with dazzling sunny days, cool lemonades, beach trips and many more beautiful things. But it can also be the time when you get chafing which can make you feel dreadful. So, how about a summer free of chafe skin? Here are several tips to protect your skin from chafing during this summer.

Stay Dry

Keep yourself dry as much as possible. We know that’s the hardest to be done during summer. But keeping the chafe-prone areas dry can reduce the amount of friction during a run or walk.

Exercise Indoor

Opt indoor workouts to prevent excess sweating and wear workout clothes that are comfortable, regulate moisture and keep you cool.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Summer weather can make you sweat extra and cause dehydration, leading to more salt concentration in your sweat. Salt cause irritations to the skin and can lead to chafing. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, especially if you go to the beach.

Wear Thigh Bands

Summer heat can seem too hot at times to wear hosiery or pants, leaving your legs exposed and prone to chafing. Thigh bands can rescue you from this crisis. These non-slip garter-like bands create a barrier between the bare skin and clothing, preventing you from chafing.

Wear Anti-chafing Shorts

Thigh chafing shorts are similar to thigh bands. It covers more of your legs and will absorb extra sweat. Anti-chafing shorts goes especially well under dresses. Other shorts like tight-fitting athletic shorts can also help you prevent thigh chafing.

Wear Deodorant

Use deodorant not just for your underarms but also for thighs. Wearing deodorant can help your thighs from sweating too much during summer.

Baby Powder

Before getting yourself dressed, apply baby powder to the inner thighs and reapply as needed. This will prevent thighs from getting sweaty. Cornstarch-based formulas are recommended since they can absorb moisture naturally.

Keep Tissues or Wipes

Carry tissues with you so that you can wipe off any extra sweat that your deodorant hasn’t prevented from your underarms and thighs. Keeping your skin dry is essential to prevent chafing of the groins, thighs and buttocks. You can also carry sweat pads; they are very useful during the summer to keep you away from sweat.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is known for its lubricating effects. It can be quite useful in protecting your skin from chafing. It can reduce friction and so prevent chafing. It can also be used as burn relief if your thighs are already chafed.

Use Antimicrobial Powder

Antimicrobial powder helps to control sweating and can protect you from fungal and bacterial infections. This further helps in preventing chafing.

Lip Balm

Forgot to carry your anti-chafing products with you while going out? Your lip balm can save you. Apply lip balm on skin areas where you are experiencing friction. Applying lip balm on already chafed areas can help soothe the irritated skin.

Prevent Your Skin from Chafing at the Beach

  • If your skin is already chafed, it’s wise to avoid getting them in the water. Salt can hurt your chafed skin.
  • Try to use sweatproof sunscreens or sports sunscreens which will help to prevent your skin from excess sweating.
  • Sand sticking to your skin cause or aggravate chafing. Rinse off the saltwater after swimming to reduce chafing from the sand.
  • Wet clothes rubbing between the thighs can worsen chafing. So it’s better to change your wet clothes once you are out of water.

These are the simple tips that can prevent your skin from chafing during these hot summer months. Let nothing stop you from having a wonderful and happy summer. Happy chafe-free summer!

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