All about Bra Pads

March 12,2020
All about Bra Pads

The humble bra pad has been in use for a long time, in various forms, to help ladies enhance their chest beauty. Read on to find how bra pads can help you in multiple ways.

Make Breasts Look Fuller

Bra pads help to fill in and make your breasts appear fuller and rounder. Bra pads help to add lift and shape to your bras or even swimsuits. Choose smooth and seamless bra pads.

Show That Cleavage

Want to show a little cleavage? Padded bras and bra pads are there to help you. Padded bras give you the necessary lift for cleavage to show. If you want more flexibility, you can use insertable bra pads instead of padded bras.

Help with Uneven Breasts

Breast asymmetry is very common. To even your size out, choose bra size of the bigger breast and fill in the smaller side with a bra pad. Check out our blog on choosing bras for uneven breast shapes for more tips.

Under Figure-hugging Dresses or T-shirts

Form-fitting dresses can often cause embarrassment by showing your nipple buttons over the dress. Bra pads can solve this problem easily. You can go for padded bras, or for removable bra inserts under your favourite bra. Nipple covers are another excellent option.

Go for Soft Insertable Cups

Choose materials that are soft and comfortable, and are not too thick. If the bra pads are too thick or not soft, they can make you uncomfortable or look unseemly under your dress. Check out these soft, comfortable and seamless bra pads from Plussize. They can also be cut to size to fit into half-cup bras.

Look for bras that have pockets for insertable cups, as they give you more flexibility to style according to your needs. Need help with choosing bra pads? You can contact us here, and we will be happy to help.

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