9 Ways To Show Yourself Some Much Needed Love

November 13,2017
9 Ways To Show Yourself Some Much Needed Love

I think we’re all in need of a little self-love right now!
Being a woman is hard work as it is – with all of the pressures from society, the media, and even our friends and family, to be and act a certain way. It’s no wonder most of us are starved of love.
The thing about self-love is there’s no overnight fix – it’s all about committing to showing yourself love every single day – even if it’s for as little as 15 minutes.
Here’s a list of fun ways you can show yourself some love right now ladies:
Take a luxury bubble bath – I’m talking candles, a heavenly scented bath bomb, mood music of your choice, and rose petals too!
Treat yourself to a gorgeous set of new lingerie – because you don’t need an excuse, and you’ll feel like a total goddess!
Set aside ‘me time’ – as little as 15 minutes a day to do whatever you like, even if you just sit quietly with your favorite book.
Get a massage – let your stress melt away and be pampered.
Spend some quality time alone with yourself – it’s so important to have reflection time where you can check in with yourself in peace.
Do something you love – take a yoga or spin class, go for a fancy dinner with your girlfriends, or even head to an exhibition.
Look in the mirror, and tell yourself how awesome you are! – because YOU ARE.
Write yourself a love letter – compliment yourself, send your heart, body and soul some love, and remind yourself that you are beautiful in every sense of the word. Keep this to look back on anytime you need a little confidence boost.
Buy yourself a beautiful bouquet – because flowers are lovely, and you don’t need to wait for a man to enjoy them!

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