80% Of Women Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size – Are You One Of Them?

March 15,2017
80% Of Women Are Wearing The Wrong Bra Size – Are You One Of Them?

Finding a correct fitting bra will not only make the clothes you wear over it look great, but it will also make you feel so much more comfortable on a day-to-day basis.
It’s reported that a whopping 80% of us are wearing the wrong size – so chances are you’re one of them.
Here are a few tell-tale signs your bra doesn’t fit you properly:

  1. It rides up at the back
  2. Your boobs are spilling out (underneath, at the sides, or out the front)
  3. Your straps keep falling down (no matter how much you tighten them)
  4. There is space between your cup and your boob
  5. The cup material is wrinkly or dimpled
  6. You have back bulge
  7. Your bra is simply not comfortable!

Do any of the above sound familiar?
Don’t worry ladies, there is a simple solution!
Next time you go bra shopping, get measured. So many lingerie and department stores now offer this service – and it doesn’t take long at all. And remember, different brands and styles will all vary greatly in the way they fit your body.
It’s important not to just reach for the size you always wear. Try a few on until you find your winner.

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