7 Things Men Will Never Understand About Wearing A Bra!

February 12,2018
7 Things Men Will Never Understand About Wearing A Bra!

If wearing a bra wasn’t the social norm, or necessary to keep our breasts supported, most of us probably wouldn’t wear them.
Because let’s face it – bras are stressful. Just one of life’s many stresses that men seem to have luckily escaped again…
Here are 7 things men will never understand about wearing a bra, no matter how many times you try to explain it to them.
How much they cost
Yes, they might be small, but bras are made up of so many tiny parts and require special manufacturing processes – hence the price tag.
And how often we have to replace them
No matter how well we look after them, bras just aren’t made to last forever. Nothing is. Shopping for bras is our birthright.
The pain of underwire poking out
Our bras sometimes decide to turn on us and cause us pain. And no, we’re not making it up! Ask any woman anywhere.
The amount of practice required to actually fasten them!
We don’t magically wake up the day we need to start wearing a bra, with eyes in the back of our head! It takes us ages to master the art of fastening our bra behind our back, and sometimes we just cheat and tie it at the front and do the swivel thing – don’t judge what you can’t understand!

How annoying it is when your straps randomly fall down
We don’t want to be showing the world our underwear anymore than the world wants to see it. Sometimes, our bra decides it’s through supporting us, and the straps proceed to slip off our shoulders over and over again, forcing us to stop whatever we’re doing and pull them back up.
How uncomfortable it is wearing a bra when it’s 90 degrees outside
Imagine how you feel when it’s 90 degrees, and then imagine wearing a bra, with sweat pooling inside of it.
That feeling of release when we take our bra off at the end of the day
There’s nothing quite like the sweet feeling of freedom!

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