7 Simple Ways to Destress and Unwind

December 17,2020
7 Simple Ways to Destress and Unwind

Most people experience stress or anxiety on a daily basis. Stress has become a normal part of life now. Even though it is common, it still has a negative force that can have a serious influence on both our professional and personal lives. So, here are 7 simple ways to destress and unwind so you can find some peace and balance in your life.

Breathe deeply

The simplest and effective way to destress is by getting in touch with your body and breathing. Deep breathing can help your body to calm down. Wondering how? The extra boost in oxygen received from deep breathing can slow down your nervous system, which calms you down. So, if you want to de-stress, try taking a couple of deep breaths.

Go for a walk

Are you feeling stressed? Lace up your walking shoes and go for a walk. Walking can calm your body and mind. It gets your mind and body into a meditative state helping to increase mood-boosting endorphins and decrease cortisol level, (which is the stress hormone.)

Have mood-boosting foods

Your diet is linked to almost all conditions your body deals with. It’s the same in case of your mood and stress levels. We all know that eating healthy is the best thing for your body and mind. But when you’re stressed having a nibble or two of junk food might help you. Eating these foods releases small amounts of serotonin – that’s the same reason why you feel better after eating chocolate or ice cream when you’re stressed.

Find a hobby

A hobby is doing something you love and enjoy. If you don’t have one yet, find yourself one, preferably a relaxing one. Some of the relaxing hobbies are passive activities, like reading a book, watching television, or listening to some soothing music.

Having a hobby can help you divert your attention from the things that make you worried and stressed. It will turn your attention to things that bring you joy and happiness.

Snuggle with a pet

Did you know your furry friend can help you relieve stress? That’s right! Studies show that interacting with animals can lower cortisol levels and boost levels of the positive hormone oxytocin. This is why dog owners are more likely to survive longer than a year following a major heart attack.

Spend time with those you love

Being around people you love and care about can make you feel good. This is because having a strong social network reduces anxiety and stress, especially when you have a loving, stable relationship.

Showing your partner a little bit of physical affection is good for both. Women, in particular, naturally respond well to physical affection from a partner which releases happy hormones. It can destress both you and your partner at the end of a long, hard day.

Get enough sleep

Sleep plays a significant part in regulating mood and stress response. An adult normally needs to sleep for eight or more hours every night. And if you are undergoing significant levels of stress, you need to rest more. So, next time when you’re stressed out, how about getting a good night sleep instead of staying awake at night pondering over problems in your head.

A good night’s rest can make you wake up the next morning feeling rested and refreshed – All ready to overcome the challenges.

These are the 7 simple ways to destress and unwind. With all the busy schedules and work-life, most of us forget to relax and unwind. Working hard at something we like is important, but at the same time, it’s important to find time to relax and not let our work consume our whole lives. If you want to regain your balance in life, make relaxation a part of your daily routine. Find time to destress and unwind yourself to become more productive and achieve satisfaction from both your work and personal life.

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