5 Tips for choosing the right plus size bra

October 8,2019
5 Tips for choosing the right plus size bra

5 Tips for choosing the right plus size bra

More and more women are coming to realize that being happy and healthy is more important than being thin. Women are learning to love their natural bodies than strive for those unachievable photoshopped figures of models in fashion magazines. There are a lot of clothing brands catering to plus sizes. And the same is true for lingerie too. After all, lingerie looks better on well-endowed women than skinny models. Did you chuckle? Yeah, we know. But for most women, lingerie shopping is not easy, and they end up being disappointed with their purchase. We break down the essentials of plus size bra shopping here to make it easier for you.

The right size

It might be tempting to choose a size smaller than your usual size, but it will only end up making you feel uncomfortable and look ill-fitting. Get your size right before buying your bra. If both your breasts are not of the same size, consider getting the bra with larger size cup, and you can put a pad in the smaller one for adequate support. Check out the right bra accessories here.

Get the cup size right

If your cups are too small, they could cause the straps to dig into your shoulders. If you find your breasts spilling out of the edges of the cup, you could go for a larger cup or full cup bras. Full cup bras give superior support and comfort. Whether you prefer lacy or plain, you can find the full cup bras you are looking for here.

Choose the right style

Choose the right styles for each purpose. Wearing a lacy bra while working out is not going to give you the support that you need. And a sports bra under a sexy evening gown will spoil the whole outfit. A wired bra is the best option if you are looking for support, while a wireless one works best for everyday wear. And play with colours – don’t just go for the whites and blacks – let the blues, lilacs, and plums add colour and excitement to your daily wear. Check out here the widest range of plus size bras to fit in every need of yours.

Choose the right material

Plus size lingerie comes in various fabrics. Choose the ideal one for each purpose. Cotton is the best for daily wear, while satin, silk, or lacy ones can make you feel and look sexy for those special occasions.

Allow yourself to be relaxed while being measured

Don’t tuck in yourself or hold your breath while being measured. You can measure yourself at home, but it is ideal to get a professional to do it for you. You’ll be surprised to know that perhaps you have been wearing the wrong size all your adult life. To measure at home –

Band size – get the tape around your back and under your bust

Cup size – get the tape around your back and over your nipples

Next – Use these 2 measurements to find your right size here

These simple tips can help you pick the right plus size bras. Remember, you are beautiful. Embrace and love your curves, get your size right, and lingerie shopping and wearing can be an enjoyable experience for you.

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