5 Reasons Why Your Body Is Actually INCREDIBLE!

March 26,2018
5 Reasons Why Your Body Is Actually INCREDIBLE!

There’s a lot of pressure on us as women to look and be a certain way, and sadly our bodies tend to be on the receiving end of this.
We wish we were skinnier, curvier, more in proportion, tanned, fairer, more petite… the list goes on.
But when was the last time you stopped for a moment to think about all the reasons why your body – exactly as it is right now – is AWESOME?
Let’s do it right now!
There’s no other body like it
Your body is 100% unique to you, and a cosmic miracle (no word of a lie). Do you even realise how tiny the chances were of you being born, and being here reading this right now?
It’s time you started celebrating the fact that you are here, and your body is a truly special gift.
It has gotten you this far
Your body is a vehicle for your mind, spirit, and heart here on earth. Think about everything it has done for you in your life so far: it allows you to move, hug the ones you love, and chase down all of your dreams.
How incredible is that?
It’s stronger than you think it is
Any time you find yourself feeling less than happy about the way your body looks, switch things around and think about how powerful and strong your body is. And the more you use it, the stronger is becomes.
When you love your body, it’ll love you back
When you eat well, exercise regularly, and say kind things to your body, it will love you back in return. And the more you think and say good, positive things to yourself, the happier and more positive you will feel.
It allows you to live this beautiful thing called LIFE!
Your body is who you have to thank for getting to live life – is there anything more incredible than that? So the next time you find yourself being cruel to it, remember all that it does for you.

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