5 Reasons to wear a Well-fitted Bra

July 17,2020
5 Reasons to wear a Well-fitted Bra

A bra is not just a fashion accessory. It provides you with many benefits, like support and comfort. The important thing is to wear a well-fitting bra, or you won’t find these benefits with wearing a bra. Get yourself fitted frequently, at least once in 6 months, to check whether you are wearing the right size.

How to measure for bra size
Band size – get the tape around your back and under your bust
Cup size – get the tape around your back and over your nipples
Next – Use these 2 measurements to find your right size here

Top 5 Benefits of Wearing a Bra

Provide support for the back
This is especially true for plus size ladies. You must make sure though that you are wearing the right fit. Choose a bra that gives you good support like this Firm Support Bra. Some women slump because they are not comfortable with their shape. Remember that you are unique, so is your body. Be proud and hold up your posture.

Helps maintain good posture
When you wear the right size and well-fitting bra, it helps to improve your posture. Your back is straight, and you don’t slouch your shoulders due to the discomfort of a wrong bra. Your posture improves as your chest and back receive adequate support.

Provides support during workout
You don’t need to wear a sports bra all the time, as too much support can weaken your back muscles. But you must wear a sports bra while working out, or else you run the risk of damaging the Cooper’s Ligaments in your bust. Your back and neck muscles get strained to support your weight while working out without adequate support.

Gives you confidence
Wearing a well-fitted bra boosts your confidence. Ensure that you are wearing the right kind of bra with the outfit. You are not distracted by slipping straps, and can concentrate on looking and feeling great and confident.

Helps in being active
With remote working, you spend hours slouched in front of the computer or laptop. Your posture gets out of balance. You can end up with pain in your back and neck. Also, your breasts move 3-4 cm while you just walk around, and more with any activity harder than that. So, a well-fitted bra makes moving around and being generally active, more comfortable.

The bra is not a quick-fix solution to get a good posture or well-toned muscles. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle are what will keep you fit. A well-fitting bra will help you in the journey to get there.

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