5 Reasons To Go Wire Free

June 5,2017
5 Reasons To Go Wire Free

You might’ve noticed something strange happening when it comes to bra shopping recently…
Non-wired bras are having a BIG moment, and becoming increasingly popular, amongst all types of women.
Maybe you’re still a firm fan of wired bras? Or maybe you’ve been wanting to try a non-wired bra for a while, but weren’t sure if it was right for you?
Here’s our top 5 reasons for going wire free:

  • You find under wiring uncomfortable

Wiring isn’t for everyone – and contrary to what you might’ve been told – it doesn’t offer any more support than a non-wired bra.

  • You’re pregnant or nursing

Doctors always advise pregnant and nursing women to wear non-wired bras, because wiring can put unwanted pressure on your mammary glands.

  • You’ve had a mastectomy/breast surgery

Non-wired bras are much more comfortable on the skin after an operation, and will help even out your shape.

  • You like wearing a bra to bed

Wires can prevent good circulation and comfort during sleep, so it’s best to opt for a non-wired bra.

  • You’re looking for a bra to work-out in

If you have a plus size chest, it doesn’t mean you need to wear a wired bra while exercising. Ensure you go for fully supportive non-wired bra, which fits you comfortably, and makes you feel supported.

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