5 Beauty Habits You Should Practice Before Going to Bed

October 21,2020
5 Beauty Habits You Should Practice Before Going to Bed

Nighttime is the perfect time for your skin as it can rejuvenate and recover from all the harshness it has gone through the whole day. So, here are 5 beauty habits you can practise before going to bed to make you look younger and wake up fresh and feeling gorgeous.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly
Getting rid of the day’s makeup, sweat, and pollution is a must if you want your skin to have a chance to restore itself overnight. If you don’t remove the make up the serums and moisturisers you apply can’t penetrate your skin and can result in making your skin dull and congested.

Make sure you wash your face the right way. Never use water that’s hotter than lukewarm. And double cleanse your skin if you’re using a heavy layer of water-resistant makeup. You can do it by massaging the face with an oil blend designed for cleansing or use an organic carrier oil. This is to dissolve excess oil and heavy makeup and later wash your face with your regular cleanser to keep your skin’s moisture barrier intact.

Toner a must for your face
After cleansing, it’s mandatory to apply toner on your face. This will tighten the pores and help to maintain the ph balance of the skin, making you appear fresh and relaxed. It also makes your skin resistant to bacteria and other microorganisms.

Apply a small amount of toner of your choice on a cotton pad, then gently rub it on your face and neck. There are many types of toner available, but you can also use rose water which is a natural one and can refrigerate it after use.

Moisturise and Hydrate

Moisturise your face with lotion, cream, or face oil. If you have oilier skin, it’s better to gravitate towards a lighter moisturiser because the dry oil can help to balance natural oil production. Combining a few drops of a dry oil formula to your regular moisturiser makes a luscious moisturising blend.

If you have dry skin, you may benefit from a richer moisturiser. Always try to use a moisturiser that contains hyaluronic acid, a vital ingredient that helps the skin preserve moisture and look its plumpest.

Don’t forget to apply eye cream
Eyes are one of the most delicate body parts. With our modern lifestyle of staring at the screen or books all day, it’s a must to take extra effort for the care of your eyes. Always make sure to remove all your eye makeup and apply an eye cream before you go to bed.

An eye cream with peptides can moisturise and hydrate your eyes, and also reduce wrinkles and fine lines. To make it more effective, you can place it in the refrigerator and apply it cold. Just make sure you use a lightweight eye cream that contains antioxidants, peptides, caffeine and brighteners.

Scalp massage

Scalp massage enhances blood circulation and stimulates hair follicles, promoting strands to reach their full growth potential. You can massage with or without oil.

Massage by moving the pads of your fingers along your scalp. Make sure the movement is deep and slow. Then brush your hair a final time and pin into a loose bun. This is to prevent oils on your strands from transferring to your skin.

Follow these 5 simple beauty practices before bed and have a good night sleep. And, be ready to be welcomed by your gorgeous self when you wake up.

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