4 Signs Your Lingerie Draw Needs An Upgrade!

August 2,2017
4 Signs Your Lingerie Draw Needs An Upgrade!

When was the last time you took a long hard look at your lingerie collection ladies?
If you think your drawer is in need of a re-vamp, don’t panic.
It’s much easier than you think to put together a gorgeous collection that makes you feel fabulous day in, day out.
You’ve still got underwear in your draw from 10 years ago
Bras and briefs are not meant to last this long! Get rid of anything that you’ve seen for too many years.
You have nothing that matches
A matching set of lingerie will make you feel like an unstoppable GODDESS. If you’ve never bothered matching, now is the time to start.
You’re still holding on to bras and briefs that don’t fit you anymore
If it doesn’t fit you then it’s not going to flatter or enhance your figure in any way, and who wants that?
Our bodies fluctuate so much throughout our lives, it’s important to keep your underwear updated accordingly.
You’ve got more ‘period pants’ than ‘date night pants’
That time of the month is no reason to dress in old pants. Treat yourself to some gorgeous new briefs that will uplift you during that week.

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