4 Signs Your Bra Fitter Doesn't Have A Clue!

September 25,2017
4 Signs Your Bra Fitter Doesn't Have A Clue!

More than 80% of women are said to be wearing the wrong bra size. That figure is widely well-known today, so more and more of us are heading to our local lingerie stores to get fitted.
But if you’ve ever gone for a bra fitting in more than one store, you’ll have noticed the vast difference in the advice and opinions, as well as the final bra size you were given as correct.
So how do you know if your bra fitter knows what she’s doing?
Here are 4 red flags to look out for next time you get measured:
They tell you what cup size you are before you’ve tried any bras on!
Your back size can be measured with a tape measure (the number part e.g. 32, 34 etc), but your cup size cannot be accurately measured in the same way.
Any good lingerie store will use a trial and error method to determine your cup size – which can vary between different styles and brands.

Your bra will loosen or mould to fit you
Your bra should fit you the moment you put it on. It will stretch a little in time but you shouldn’t need to grow into it!
They don’t advise you to clasp the bra on the loosest set of hooks
Because bras stretch over time, the 3 sets of hooks & eyes serve as a way to tighten your bra as it loosens, giving you the same fit as when you first bought it. This means you must always start on the loosest setting, and work your way in.
You feel uncomfortable in the bra they’ve told you is your size
If the bra they’ve put you in feels uncomfortable, is digging in, or doesn’t feel like it’s supporting and lifting your breasts, don’t buy it and leave the store for a second opinion elsewhere.

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