4 Lingerie Myths That Are Simply NOT TRUE!

June 14,2017
4 Lingerie Myths That Are Simply NOT TRUE!

Bras are funny things. There are so many fabricated rules, ideas and suggestions thrown around by us all. Most of which we have learned from our mums, sisters and friends.
But what’s true and what’s false?
We’re decoding some of lingerie’s most common myths here on the PSB blog today.
You need to wear a bra that’s too tight to give you great cleavage
Your bra should never feel tight. There are so many bras designed specifically to enhance your cleavage and give you a lift where you want it most.
You must wear a white or nude bra under a white or sheer top
White actually stands out when placed underneath white! Plus it’s totally acceptable to make a show of your lingerie these days.
If you’re a 36D in one shop, you’re a 36D everywhere
Sizes vary vastly between all brands and countries. Never buy a bra without trying it on first.
The larger your cup size, the larger your breasts are
Your band size plays a role in how large your breasts are too – it’s not all about cup size ladies!

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