4 Bras Every Woman Needs To Own

May 23,2018
4 Bras Every Woman Needs To Own

Good fitting, comfortable bras can be expensive, so it’s important you invest in the right ones to wear for all occasions.
But what are the must haves?
Here are 4 types of bras every plus size woman needs to own at least one of.
The full cup bra
This type of bra is made for women with larger breasts that are fuller in volume.
It’s not the sexiest of bras, but it offers full support, and will give your breasts a great shape. This is the perfect bra for wearing every day.
The plunge bra
This bra has a deep neckline, which makes it perfect for wearing with dresses or tops that have a low neckline. They’ll offer great support and fit, and make your cleavage look amazing by pushing your breasts closer together.
Just make sure you’re buying the right size for you so that you don’t fall out!
The strapless bra
Every woman needs to own at least one strapless bra.
If you’re over a G cup, you shouldn’t avoid a strapless bra, but it’s worth knowing that the chances are you won’t find one that will stay up for a long period of time due to gravity doing its thing.
But if you’re smaller than a G cup and you can’t find a strapless bra that stays up – it’s because you’re not wearing the right size.
As long as the band is supporting you fully, you shouldn’t have a problem, as only 10% of the support ever comes from the straps of a bra.
The sports bra
If you’re doing any kind of exercise, whether it’s light yoga or running – you need a sports bra. Your breast muscles will stretch during exercise, and if they’re not supported, they will begin to droop.
Generally, a sports bra will only last around a year (if wearing it a few times a week), because they’re made from a high percentage of lycra, which won’t last longer than this. So be sure to replace them often.

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