3 Things To Do Right Now If You’re Not In Love With Your Body

June 20,2018
3 Things To Do Right Now If You’re Not In Love With Your Body

It’s incredibly sad to see so many women at war with their beautiful bodies.
The pressure from the fashion industry, celeb culture, and social media means that we cannot escape the “perfect” images that are constantly bombarded in our faces.
We’re told what perfect means, and we’re made to feel like if we don’t match that, then our body isn’t good enough. And these feelings of worthlessness can have such a huge impact on the rest of our lives.
Here are 3 things to do right now if you’re not in love with your body.
Write yourself a love letter
Take 30 minutes today to write a love letter to yourself. Celebrate the parts of you that you love, and recognise the work you need to do to learn to love those parts you struggle with.
Focus on all of the things that make your body awesome!
Think of all your body does for you
Your body allows you to travel this incredible planet, have new experiences, and meet so many different people. Your body allows you to get up and go to work so you can support your dreams or your family. Your body allows you to rest and recover at night, so you’re full of energy when you wake up.
Your body is nothing short of a miracle – so start treating it like one!
Find a workout that doesn’t feel like work!
If you’re not happy with your weight right now, that’s okay. Losing weight doesn’t have to be this chore that you loathe. Try lots of new ways to workout, attend some fun classes, try things you’ve never done before.
Don’t stop until you find a workout that you love so much, you want to do it every day!

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