3 Solutions For Underwire Bra Pain

July 23,2018
3 Solutions For Underwire Bra Pain

We need underwire to give our breasts support, but so many of us find it digs in, pokes out, and is generally trying to attack us any opportunity it gets!
We need to remember that the underwire is our friend, ladies.
Here are 3 solutions to stop your underwire from causing you pain or discomfort.
Make sure you’re wearing the right size bra!
I feel that a lot of these posts come back to this same solution time and time again, but that’s only because wearing the correct bra size literally is the answer to the majority of bra problems.
After getting your size figured out, you need to make sure the whole of your breast is inside of the wire. A little trick to do this is by leaning forward and wiggling a little once your bra is on, or scoop your breast into the cup.
Get to know wire lengths and shapes on different styles.
Wire lengths vary, and can be more of a “J” or “U” shape. How they fit will depend on the unique measurements of your body, so the only way to figure out what works for you is to try lots of different styles on until you find one that is comfortable.
Be kind to your underwire bras and they’ll thank you.
Ever wondered why the wires keep popping out of your bras? Maybe it’s because you keep throwing them in the washing machine or dryer? Bras need special care and attention. If you’re putting them in the wash, run a gentle cycle, and pop them in a lingerie bag. And under no circumstances should you EVER put your bras in a dryer. The heat will destroy it. Don’t do it ladies.

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