3 Reasons Why Your Bra Underwire Might Break

October 4,2017
3 Reasons Why Your Bra Underwire Might Break

We’ve all had found that perfect bra that we love and can’t stop wearing, only to be heartbroken when the underwire snaps and we have to throw it away.
But why does this happen?
If you find the underwire in your bras breaking frequently, it’ll be down to one of three reasons:
You’re wearing the wrong size
As you might already know, 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size, and of these women most of them tend to be wearing a back size that is too big and a cup size that is too small for their frame.
This means that the wires won’t be sitting in the correct position and will also be under more strain and pressure than they’re designed to take. This will cause them to often bend and eventually snap.
Ensure you get measured regularly so that you don’t end up buying bras that don’t fit you properly.
Your bra band is too tight.  
Underwires are designed to splay when the bra is worn.  This helps the bra to actually grab your breasts and give them support.  If your bra band is too tight, you are pulling the underwires apart farther than they are designed to be pulled.  This stress will eventually cause the wires to break.
Washing your bra in the washing machine without a lingerie bag.
Now, we’ve all heard that we should stick our bras in a lingerie bag before throwing them into the washing machine.  But do you know why?  One reason is to protect the underwires. Without a lingerie bag, the wires can get caught in the agitator, stuck in one of the holes in the side of the drum, or get tangled up with another article of clothing.  All this this puts a stress on the underwire and causes it to break.
You’re washing them wrong
The golden rule of bra care is to NEVER put them in a dryer! The heat will wear down the metal and cause it to break, and it’s not good for all the other materials of your bra either – don’t do it.
Hand wash your bras if possible, or if you must put them in the washing machine, pop them in a lingerie bag and make sure you use a delicate cold water setting.

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