3 Facts You Never Knew About Bras

May 16,2018
3 Facts You Never Knew About Bras

Most of us wear a bra every single day, yet you’d be surprised how little we actually know about this wondrous invention!
Here are 3 things you never knew about bras (but totally need to know).
Your bra needs special care
You can’t throw your bra in the washing machine like you do all your other clothes. Bras are specially made, and therefore they need to be cleaned in a particular way.
Hand wash them if possible, or invest in washing bags to put them inside of, and place on a gentle hand wash cycle.
Don’t hang them dry either – dry them flat to keep their shape and stop them stretching out.
Don’t wear the same bra more than one day in a row
This is not only bad for your bra, but it’s bad for your body too! Your bra needs time to rest, so the elastic gets back into shape – and so do you.
Alternate the way you wear your bras (that’s why it’s best to have 3-4 every day ones), and you’ll find they last much longer – and save you money in the long run.
There is a perfect bra for every outfit
There are bras for every style of top or dress you’re wearing, and that’s not just to do with the shape, but the fabric and colour, too.
If you’re unsure when buying a dress, ask the salesperson in store, or reach out using the chat box or help email address if you’re buying online, and find out if they have a specific bra to go with the item of clothing you’re buying. They’ll be more than happy to help.
You’ll never have to avoid buying something you love the look of, simply because you don’t think there’s a bra that will work underneath it – there’s always a bra that will do the job.

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