How often should we change our undies? And why?

May 8,2019
How often should we change our undies? And why?

A lot of people are un sure about this. We can say we will definitely get rid of those with holes or stains, but to throw them out while they are still in good condition, a lot of us just don’t want to be wasteful.

But it is for your own health reasons that you should be binning underwear after a year of use to reduce the risk of urinary tract and other infections, and failure to do so allows bugs such as E. coli and dust mites to flourish, causing problems from urinary tract infections, to thrush and allergies.  The Sun newspaper reports.

The Good Housekeeping Institute (GHI) guide says that despite washing systematically after use, most people’s clean underwear contains up to 10,000 living bacteria and the GHI guidelines suggest washing your underwear daily, in Hot water temperature. They also advise you to wash your pyjamas after three sleeps and bedding once a week.

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