11 Easy Ways to Prepare for a Healthy Fall

March 17,2021
11 Easy Ways to Prepare for a Healthy Fall

It’s autumn, a season of transition. Nature is slowing down. The trees are getting ready to shed. And it’s time for us to prepare for the change. So here are some simple tips that will help you prepare for a healthy fall.

1. Enjoy the golden rays

The mornings are going to be lighter. A perfect time to go outdoors and do some exercise. It’s time to get back your natural body clock and absorb some vitamin D from the morning rays.

2. Time for getting some fall cleaning done

Clean your closets, makeup shelf. Remove all the clothes that you won’t wear anymore and also the makeup items that are expired and clean the brushes and sponges. It’s also time to clean your fridge and fill it with healthy food.

3. Shed your summer dry skin

Remove your summer skin by dry body brushing. It not only removes dry skin but also improve circulation and help the skin to absorb moisturiser effectively.

4. Give a visit to your local farmers market

Buy some seasonal fruits and vegetables from your nearest farmer’s market. It’s not just a step to your healthy autumn routine but also a great support to the farmers.

5. Get yourself out there in the nature

It’s a great time of the year to get out and enjoy nature. Keep your phone and other electronic gadgets away and take some time to ride the bikes, enjoying the changing leaves and breathing the autumn air.

6. Keep yourself hydrated

Even though summer is over, it’s still essential to keep yourself hydrated. Your body only functions properly if it has enough amount of water. Drink a minimum of 8 glasses daily.

7. Switch to warm breakfast

Avoid having cold or raw foods. These foods can induce mucus formation by creating dampness in the body. Start your day with a warm breakfast porridge or a warm, healthy dish of your choice.

8. Hydrate your skin with daily massages

Use natural oils like coconut, jojoba or Shea to massage your skin from your toes to your head. The massage will help your skin to stay hydrated during dry or windy weather.

9. Shift to simple routines

According to ancient medicine practices, our health gets better when we follow the energy of nature. Autumn is the time when nature slows down from its fast pace of summer energy. So, like nature during autumn, it’s best to shift to less vigorous activities like brisk walking, riding a bike and yoga.

10. Play some light music and do some slow cooking

Play some of your favourite melodies, be cosy and do some slow cooking. Shift to slow-cooked stews, curries or steamed veggies.

11. Reserve some time for yourself.

Take some time off from your daily life for self-care. Try to meditate or do some stress-relieving activities that will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself. Always remember to love yourself because you deserve it.

These are some easy ways to prepare yourself for a healthy autumn. It’s a new season, and it’s a new beginning. Embrace the change and embrace the new you.

Have a Happy Autumn Beautiful!

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